J – Hatha yoga

I loved how you came round and adjusted us. It just shows how much more your body can move into a position. Your voice is so calming. You really can’t help but get in the zone when talking to you. Just simple things that you said like using the practice for the rest of the day and week I thought were great. I felt myself homing into those words yesterday and reminding myself of what I could do to make myself feel better. My body felt very relaxed and in the zone. Loved how you said things like shoulders and back touching the earth. Overall I loved it. It gave me a great insight as to how breathing really can help you with life stresses and can see why you want to do it! I thought you were great and can see why you want to help enhance other lives.

M. King – Meditation and Relaxation workshop

The classes with Rupal helped with my posture & also relaxation & me time. The best thing I liked about working with Rupal was how she explained how to do the different yoga poses – technique is very important to me as a beginner.Classes with Rupal are comfortable, relaxed classes with a nice friendly vibe.  She will show correct technique too. I also loved the class where she used the essential oil! I found this extra relaxing. I would recommend Rupal as a yoga teacher.

S. Karania – Hatha Yoga course

‘I had no hesitations about working with Rupal because I’d had met her in the taster class and felt totally at ease. In the session I achieved the ability to completely relax 100% without sleeping. I would without a doubt recommend Rupal to family friends and anyone I meet. For the first time in months I was pain free even physio hadn’t done that! She is the most welcoming professional friendly person and is excellent at what she does. I wish I could keep her at home for relaxation every day.’

S. Blakely – Meditation and Relaxation Workshop

‘I would recommend your services to friends, the people who came with me enjoyed your class. I enjoyed the oils, especially enjoyed the background music, i felt i was on the beach listening to the sea.’

J. Johnson – Meditation and Relaxation Workshop

“Before working with Rupal I just needed to be sure that i would feel comfortable and wouldn’t feel awkward. I felt that after the sessions I now have lots of tools that I can use in my everyday life as well as for my yoga practice. The best thing about working with Rupal is her calmness and understanding. Rupal explained the history of yoga and the beliefs behind the poses as we did them and the benefits of them. I definitely would recommend Rupal. She is very professional and gives confidence.

The most important thing people should know about working with Rupal is that they can take it at their own pace and she always provide alternatives so that people can find the right pose for them. I enjoyed the classes that i did due to the size of them. I didnt feel like i was lost in a class and that i was able to receive attention when it was needed. It was also nice in group that i didn’t keep comparing myself to others which is a first for me, i am usually worrying about what everyone else is doing.”

C.Luck – Yin Yoga course



Payall Shah – Private Yoga Client

“Rupal gave me a wonderful introduction to yoga. She listened to me and tailored the session accordingly, leaving me very relaxed. Would highly recommend.”

Aimee Foux – Private Yoga Client