Private Yoga 2

You’re looking for a yoga practice that will make you more present in your body and mind.

You give a lot to your career and/or your family, and you need some time for yourself too. You want to be guided on how to move your body with ease and awareness, and learn to calm your mind, to improve your own health and life.

You might be in the right place if…

  • You are new to yoga and want to feel confident and comfortable in poses before starting group classes as well as learning the basic breathing techniques.
  • You have real time constraints in your schedule and need yoga brought to you in the middle of your crazy hectic life.
  • You want to ask lots questions during class and receive personalised attention to deepen or refine your practice.
  • You have an injury or illness and want a therapeutic approach to your yoga practice. You are looking for a little extra attention to make sure you are moving through your poses safely with your injury or illness.
  • You have a really high priority on self-care and this is your special treat to yourself.
  • You are self-conscious about your abilities and don’t think you’re “good” at yoga.
  • You need an external motivator to get to your yoga mat. You always intend to go to that 6am yoga class but you need a little extra accountability.


You want a yoga instructor who can come to your home to teach you privately, so you can spend more time on what matters to you (instead of spending that precious time stuck in traffic!).

Imagine opening your door to yoga, literally: a caring yoga instructor at your door ready to help you be more at ease in your own body and mind.

Please contact me to book your FREE 30 minute consultation. 


Please contact me to book your first session, which includes a FREE 30 minute consultation


Yoga was traditionally taught Teacher to Student —because we are all different, we move differently we have different needs and therefore all need a different yoga practice

Beginners— As a beginner, there can be a degree of self-consciousness in a group class and it can seem daunting to jump straight into a group class. Private yoga enables you to have extra guidance when going through a practice and we are safely work around restrictions already present in the body. You can ask plenty of questions and this means that your understanding and confidence grows, and you avoid the risk of injury.

Got an injury—whether a yoga practitioner or not we can work together to assess your range of motion, and pinpoint a strategy for developing a home practice programme to help you deal with specific injuries.

Private Yoga can be dynamic, therapeutic, or restorative depending on your goals and lifestyle. Each session is tailored specifically for your needs.

Private sessions take place on evenings or weekends.

Please contact me to book your first session, which includes a FREE 30 minute consultation


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