8 Tips for a Stress-Free Xmas

  1. Be Ok with things being OK.

If you’ve been coming to the recent Yin yoga sessions I’ve held in Elstree, Herts, you’ll have heard me talking about the perfectionist in us. Around Xmas time this gets even more heightened with the pressure of things to do and people comeing round! Take a moment to realise that you are doing your best – and that’s okay!

2. Smell some lemons

…and drink them too! Scientists say that smelling lemons boosts your mood. And drinking lemon water will help you stay hydrated and help you detox as we enter binge-eating season!

3. Stick to your daily rituals – ESPECIALLY vital for your self-care!

Our everyday practices help calm and centre us. If you like having a fresh morning walk, sitting in meditation or breathing, or putting on a face mask before the day begins, take time to do that! You may want to reduce the time for it but DO do it!

4. Selfless service or Sewa as it’s know in Sanksrit

Pay it forward,  do something for someone less fortunate that you.

Next week I’m teaching yoga to the homeless as part of the volunteer group at the charity Crisis for Christmas in and around London/Herts. Are you involved with any local charities in the Radlett,Bushey, Herts area? If so let’s chat

This is the time of giving so it’s a good time to do something for others  – maybe visit an elderly relative or neighbour.

5. Be Social!

Having an attitude of gratitude (you can get this by doing Point 5!) will put you in a great mood. Being thankful for what you have and celebrating this time with your loved ones is what’s most important. So enjoy it!


6. Schedule a break

Even if it’s taking 5 minutes to dance to your favourite Xmas tune, take some time out for you. YOU deserve it 🙂

7. Walk it off

Okay – you’re absolutely stuffed from Xmas dinner so you go for a stroll to feel better. If you feel tensions rising stand up and take yourself out for some fresh air. Both you and the person you are talking to will feel MUCH better afterwards!

8. Take a deep breath

Without a doubt giving your family a person who is grounded, peaceful and present is the very best gift they can ever receive from you and they will LOVE you for it!  Take a moment to take some deep breaths in and out, close your  eyes.

Let’s chat– What are your tips for a stress free holiday season?