5 reasons not to go to a yoga class

1. You are so happy as a person, you couldn’t be happier. There genuinely is no more room left – you are ultimately content with your health, physical and mental well-being.

If you are in this place, what are you doing? Comment below as I would love to experience it!


2. You hate it when the teacher comes round to give you adjustments

Most yoga including myself use yoga assists and adjustments to help students get deeper into yoga poses and also ‘correct’ or ‘adjust’ their alignment.

Often times teachers ask whether you’d like to be adjusted and you can politely decline if you’d rather not be adjusted.

3. You want to sweat and yoga classes haven’t given you that 

A dynamic Vinyasa yoga class with high and low push ups, fluid dynamic movements doesn’t make you sweat at all and you find it all way too easy. You want a challenge and you’ve tried every type of yoga out there and it doesn’t challenge you in any way. Frankly its all a waste of time.

(If this is you share your experience I would LOVE to hear it)

4. You don’t have the money and believe yoga is WAY too expensive for the value it gives you. 

I hear you – you’re looking to get quick results in say maybe 1 or 2 sessions and something tangible for your money when you spend it.

Eg. buying a toy or going for dinner – that’s money well spent , right?

The idea of being  more relaxed, fit and healthy and being able to be calmer with your loved ones and be a better mother/sister/friend are just not worth it in your eyes.  You don’t need a boost to your self esteem to help you look and feel fabulous – in your heart and mind, you already believe you look and feel great so practicing yoga is a waste of your time.



PLUS – Your looking for a well qualified teacher who has trained in reputable schools to give you amazing advice, attention and support – but believe they don’t deserve money for the energy they have put into giving you this value.

5. You like having a buzzing, restless and irritable mind and losing your temper with your kids and family, not to mention your boss.  

Yoga could help you manage the above and become calmer overall as a person. It has done that for me so much so that there is a marked change in my personality and ability to react (or not react) to every situation.

Do you agree with the above? Send me a message or comment below.


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