You might have noticed that I’ve been posting less on the blog the last few weeks…. to be totally truthful I was taking care of myself! If you’ve been exposed to the science of Ayurveda you may know that as the seasons change the body goes through an adjusting process and what you need now may be different to what you needed at the height of summer.

I know that I have invested hours into learning more about yoga every week and worked on creating challenging and fun classes for my students. I also make myself available to my students for any questions or to catch up.

I love what I do and its BECAUSE I want to be there for other people and serve that I remember to take care of myself as well.

So what do I do for Self Care? Some tips below….


6 Tips for Self Care

Create a morning routine

My day goes more smoothly when I stick to my morning routine. I wake up, use my Neti pot to clear out the airways, make some hot lemon water with honey and then spend some time on my yoga mat for my practice.  Sometimes this could be 20 minutes or pranayama, meditation and yin stretches other days it’s a hot and sweaty 60-90 minute practice. I always end with some time in contemplation – this is like a body and mind reset for me to start my day fresh.

Drink plenty of water

Its so simple but so effective!

Your skin improves, the digestive system functions better (Especially if you drink warm water), and you have higher energy levels.

Take a bath or have a spa evening. 

I love going the spa and yes I don’t go as often as I would like but there’s nothing like making your own home spa! Lighting some candles and settling into the bath tub. Keep some essential oils to hand for extra relaxation!

The warm water soothes my muscles and mentally I can really wind down.

water-321524_1920 (1)

Spend time with people you love

Have a laugh! Have some comic relief  – laughing can actually relieve stress! (side note have you done laughter yoga? Comment below)

There’s no place like OM. 

Take 5 minutes out to sit quietly and breathe.

Whenever I start my day with just a few minutes of seated meditation I feel so much better. It can be challenging to do when you have a lot on your mind.

This is a sort of an egg before chicken as you want to meditate to be calmer but because you may have a lot of things on your mind and aren’t calm to begin with its a challenge. You can achieve this – comment below or send me a message  – lets chat about this!

Pay it forward

In yoga I talk about finding what feels good for you.

To me, helping others just feels good. There is something amazing about doing something for someone else. It teaches you to be present for someone else because for the time you are helping them, your focus is on that person.

These last few weeks I’ve been offering yoga for free and although some teachers would argue that you should never do this, for me it has been rewarding!

It also fills you with a magical feeling when you know deep down you done something good – whether you receive credit for not is irrelevant.

Just participating in the act of service itself, or Sewa can lead you to a place of contentment 🙂

Have you got any tips for self care? I would love to know so leave me a comment below.

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