Bedtime yoga sequence

This is part of a special request video series which I created for one of my private clients who was happy for me to share this here.

If you have trouble sleeping or just need a little help winding down, this yoga video is for you. It’s a before bed yoga sequence that’s designed to quiet the mind and includes a gentle inversion.

As with any inversion Viparita Karani should be avoided if you have serious eye problems, such as glaucoma.

Note: If you have serious neck or back problems only perform this pose with the supervision of an experienced teacher.

Variation: If your feet begin to tingle during this pose, bend your knees, touch your soles together, and slide the outer edges of your feet down the wall, bringing your heels close to your pelvis.

Let’s talk Do you have trouble falling asleep? What do you do when you have difficulty sleeping?

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