3 yoga tips for sinus relief

Are your sinus problems doing your head in?

For around 9 years now I have suffered from terrible sinus problems and tend to wake up most mornings being unable to breathe.
Here are a few things I have personally tried which have significantly improved my quality of life.

1. Neti pots

These things are amazing!

It sounds pretty gross and your family will likely think you are strange but hey, its worth it!

My ayurveda teacher recommended this to me. A small teapot looking object is filled with a lukewarm salt solution, and then it is poured into one nostril and drains out the other side. The water gently cleanses the sinus cavities, removing mucous and relieving congestion, post-nasal drip and sinus discomfort.

Always seek guidance from an experienced practitioner before trying this, and remember to bend forward to allow the sinuses to drain once you have finished the routine. This will stop further infection from water that has logged in the sinus cavities.

2. Physical yoga practice – or Asana

It sounds strange to move your body when you are unwell but gentle asana practice gets the lymph nodes working.
The absolute best asana I have found is Downward facing dog. Why?

It is an inversion. ie. your head is below your heart.


Please avoid this pose if you have LOW blood pressure.
You may feel the pressure intensify initially however with practice and steady even breathing you may start to feel relief. Take it one day at a time and build up the strength to hold the pose for one minute.
(For FREE specific instructions on how to do Downward dog, Sign up to my newsletter and I’ll send you a free guide along with other tips 🙂

3. Pranayama

There are specific breathing practices which I have found really helpful in alleviating sinus pressure and lead to a much clearer nose and throat.

There are:

Alternate nostril breathing

Ujjayi breathing

Watch out on the blog for more detailed instructions on these 🙂

Finally, remember to stay POSITIVE!

You are what you think.

With attention and intention one can overcome the seemingly impossible.

(Something i learnt from listening to hours of Deepak Chopra)

Until next time, Stay Present 🙂 x


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