4 Simple ways to Stay Present in the here and now

I know that ‘being present’ is a challenge.

It requires constant work (at least for me). I can honestly say that I have become better at being present since starting to practice yoga, but still slip up from time and time and return to my old ways!

When I notice my mind racing, I use a few techniques which I would love to share with you.

  1. Pause & Breathe​­

As the breath is constant, it is available to you any time you need to focus and come back to the now.

 Take a deep breathe into your belly. Exhale very slowly through the nose. Repeat 2 more times. Notice how you feel.  


  1. Notice Your Thoughts

 ​­Start to notice the thoughts and observe without judgement.

Observe the quality of your thinking.

Are you judging yourself or your loved ones? Are you comparing to others? Are your thoughts kind towards yourself? Simply starting to notice what you are thinking gives you a great deal of freedom and clarity.

  1. Practice Self­ Compassion ​­

We can be so hard on ourselves! Due to evolution, culture and conditioning, we tend to be very severe on ourselves when we make a mistake.

This doesn’t make us better or more peaceful human beings- in fact, it does the opposite! Take a moment to forgive.

Being kind to ourselves is the foundation for our compassion for others.

  1. Let go of the past and the future.

When you feel the anger of the past or the fear of the unknown, find your feet, connect with the breath and start again.

There is great freedom, wonder and mystery in the present.

When we are present, we naturally respond with more peace to situations.

Mindfulness can change the way we experience the world.


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