Tips for Crow Pose (Bakasana)

Crow PoseCrow pose is not recommended for some conditions. Please avoid during pregnancy, or if you have Carpal Tunnel or wrist injury.

1. Firm Foundations

Keep the hands shoulder distance apart, with the weight distributed evenly across the whole palm, including the five fingers.

Be mindful not to press the weight all into the base of the hand (or the heel of the hand) as this strains the wrists. This will give you a stable base.

2. Get the knees as high up the arms as possible

Take the knees high up your arms – to do this get the body down as low as you can.

If you are tight in the hips this could be challenging – so you can use a block underneath your feet. This will help you take the knees higher up the arms and allows the buttocks to reach upwards to the sky when in full crow.

3. Shift the weight forward!

This is the scary part! You can place a blanket down in front as a psychological comforter that if you fall you will be fine.

Do your best to line up the elbow with the heel of your hand to shift the weight forward. Draw the elbows in towards the body like in Chaturanga of 4 Limbed Staff pose.

5. Round the upper back

To round through the upper back, press your hands in to the mat as though you’re pushing the mat away from you.

Believe in yourself – You can do this!


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