Should I buy my own yoga mat?


If you are trying yoga for the first time you may be tempted to hire a mat for that session, though if you have been to a few sessions it makes sense to buy your own.

A Yoga Mat: A space to practise Yoga postures on. All that is required is a sturdy mat, to compliment you and your practice. Preferably non-stick and non-slip. By using your own mat, you are building an association between your practice and the mat.

Think of your mat as your favourite item, something that provides a deep containment and helps to soothe you .

The mat allows you to create a personal space to practice Yoga. You can unroll this mat anytime, anyplace, anywhere, home, holiday, even at work.

If for any reason you are unable to bring along your own mat please bring along £1 for each session to hire a Yoga mat.

 Reasons to have your own yoga mat:

  • Hygiene – Practically it is hygienic to have your own yoga mat, even if they are provided by the teacher or studio. Yoga is a barefoot practice and using a communal mat opens you up to everyone else’s sweat!
  • You get to choose which type of mat you buy- Yoga mats come in different lengths, width, thickness, textures and materials – you might need an extra long mat if you are tall.
  • For Vinyasa classes, getting a good sticky yoga mat with a good grip will make a huge difference. You’ll get the mat that is right for you.
  • Helps to build up a strong link with your yoga practice
  • Helps create a yoga space for you- your yoga mat is like a sanctuary of private time and to tap into this you can take your mat with you, wherever you like.
  • A sense of connection with yoga away from group classes – Your mat is like your loyal companion on your Yoga journey.
  • Having your own mat allows newbies to use the mats provided by the teacher or studio

just in case you forget your mat here is what you can do: 

Yoga Socks: Get a pair of yoga socks – these need to have grips. I love the ToeSox which a friend bought me for Christmas! And they keep my feet warm 🙂

Handwipes: If you have them, use them – you don’t have to be completely OCD on cleaning to use them!


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